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Chinese Title English Title Category
确据 Assurance Good News
接受 Accepted Good News
悔改 Repentance Good News
旧人与新人 Old Man and the new Good News
不安与平安 Anxiety and safe Good News
办法与救法 Approach to law and to save Good News
基督升天再来 Ascension of Christ to His coming again Good News
基督荣耀复活 Glory of the resurrection of Christ Good News
赞美之泉 Streams of Praise Lyrics
常常喜乐 Rejoice Always Lyrics
让赞美飞扬 Let Praise Arise Lyrics
全然向你 Entirely to you Lyrics
基督为人受死 Christ died for man Good News
基督降世救人 Christ come to earth to save people Good News
罪的结局是死 The outcome of the crime is dead Good News
心中充满恶念 Hearts full of evil idea Good News
以地上的事为念 Mind is on earthly things Good News
在主爱中 In God's Love Lyrics
我对你的爱永不变 My Love To You Will Never Change Lyrics
爱 我愿意 I am willing to love Lyrics

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