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Chinese Title English Title Category
基督降世救人 Christ come to earth to save people Good News
圣灵的工作 The work of the Holy Spirit Good News
圣经目录 Bible Contents Bible Contents
走出去 Going out Lyrics
爱 我愿意 I am willing to love Lyrics
倾听我的心 Listen to my heart Lyrics
高声唱哈利路亚 Loudly sing Hallelujah Lyrics
带刺的祝福 The blessings of barbed Lyrics
中华要兴起 To the rise of the Chinese Lyrics
一个人不能完成大使命 A person can not accomplish the mission Lyrics
接受 Accepted Good News
全能的创造主 Almighty Creator Lyrics
不安与平安 Anxiety and safe Good News
办法与救法 Approach to law and to save Good News
基督升天再来 Ascension of Christ to His coming again Good News
确据 Assurance Good News
心的归回 Back to the heart Lyrics
宣教的中国 China's Mission Lyrics
基督为人受死 Christ died for man Good News
云上太阳 Cloud on the sun Lyrics

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