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Chinese Title English Title Category
我一生要赞美你 To praise you in my life Lyrics
爱 我愿意 I am willing to love Lyrics
独一真神 One True God Good News
献上自己为祭 Presented himself as a sacrifice Lyrics
生命的凯歌 Victory life Lyrics
确据 Assurance Good News
God About God
神爱世人 God so loved the world Good News
神爱世人 God so loved the world Lyrics
神的爱 敬拜神 God's love Worship God Good News
神的话 The Word of God Good News
神创造天地 God created the heaven and earth Good News
神就是爱 God is love Good News
神就是光 God is Light Good News
神住在我们里面 God living in us Good News
祷告 Prayer On prayer
祷告 Prayer On prayer
福音就是好消息 Gospel is good news Good News
给我一颗中国心 Give me a Chinese heart Lyrics
罪的结局是死 The outcome of the crime is dead Good News

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