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Chinese Title English Title Category
把握今天 Seize today Lyrics
万军之耶和华 Lord of Hosts Lyrics
走出去 Going out Lyrics
高声唱哈利路亚 Loudly sing Hallelujah Lyrics
带刺的祝福 The blessings of barbed Lyrics
给我一颗中国心 Give me a Chinese heart Lyrics
宣教的中国 China's Mission Lyrics
献上自己为祭 Presented himself as a sacrifice Lyrics
生命的凯歌 Victory life Lyrics
有一位神 There Is a God Lyrics
一个人不能完成大使命 A person can not accomplish the mission Lyrics
中华要兴起 To the rise of the Chinese Lyrics
主啊!你若不为我们祝福 Lord! If you do not bless for us Lyrics
心的归回 Back to the heart Lyrics
馨香晚祭 The Evening Sacrifice Lyrics
是耶稣 Jesus Lyrics
黑暗中的光芒 The Light in the Darkness Lyrics
这个星期 This Week Recommend this song
我以祷告来到你跟前 Come In Front Of You by Praying Lyrics
主祷文 Lord's Prayer Lyrics

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